Take your first line assurance function to the next level 

We’ve revolutionised first line assurance with High-Performance Assurance (HPA). By pairing revolutionary technology with 20 years of file review experience, we’ve eradicated the manual barriers that make first line assurance slow and inefficient. As a result, you’ll get streamlined file reviews that unlock productivity without compromising on quality.

With HPA you’ll have the power to reduce costs or increase checking, all with confidence you’re identifying risk consistently. So, if you’re wanting to check more of your business in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, our tech gives you ultimate control over your risks. As a result, not only will you satisfy the regulators, you can also be sure you’re giving your customers the best possible outcomes. And there’s nothing healthier for your commercial success than happy customers.

What we do

Our high-performance first line assurance technology:

  • Maximises productivity – Cutting down labour intensive processes through efficiencies means your team are more productive and you’ll get more for your money.
  • Increases your spans of control – With improved productivity, you’ll have the bandwidth to increase your levels of checking without growing your workforce.
  • Provides unrivalled intelligence – HPA’s superior management information and audit trail gives you, the Board and the regulators the highest level of confidence that your risks are managed.

High-Performance Business AssuranceHPA MI

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Our other first line assurance solutions

Complete Outsourcing

Complete Outsourcing

Get the highest standards of checking combined with a super fast turnaround by outsourcing your complete first line assurance needs to us. We do this for many firms, acting as a seamless back office function.

Partial outsourcing

Partial outsourcing

Struggling to meet first line assurance demand? Our overflow solution will help you maintain your output levels and quality when you've fluctuations in demand or suffering from reduced resource. Manage your costs by using us only when you need us.

Assurance reviews

Assurance reviews

Strengthen your processes and ensure utmost quality with reviews of your assurance process and methodologies. As a result, benefit from better management of risk.

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